Aubervilliers ZAC des Cités

According to an updated style, three small towers are meticulously placed within the narrowness of the lot in order to ensure urban regulations, sunshine and the privacy of each home. All apartments benefit from two to three orientations, and have one or two balconies, to which are added a peripheral loggia or terrace. All bathrooms have natural light.

Surfaces are on average 8 to 10 % larger than the reference standards. Buildings are insulated externally and the facade’s surface, whether in metal or polished concrete, ensures durability without heavy maintenance for over a period of thirty years.

A project inscribed, more than twenty years ago, in a sustainable development approach, well before its time.

Maître d’ouvrage  : OPHLM Aubervilliers | Sergim

Architecte :  Babel | Michel Seban & Associés

Mission :  Complète

Programme : 21 logements en accession | 42 logements locatifs sociaux

4 245 m² HON | 3,75 M€ HT