Massy ZAC Ampère

Along the edge of a public park, at the heart of a new neighborhood, this project proposes visual continuity between the park and the surrounding streets. The facades’linearity is broken up by playing with the contrasts between the building’s depths and heights, .

Street side, playing with the shifting between different depths, along with the building’s multiple heights, sequences the facade and breaks up the linearity of the building.

In fact, it three-dimensionally reveals the relationship between the project’s different entities, like interlocking blocks, each welcoming an apartment or a different function.

Maître d’ouvrage  : NEXITY FEREAL

Architecte :  Babel | Michel Seban & Associés

Mission :  APS à DCE

Programme  : Construction de 80 logements BBC en accession

6 150 m² SP | 7, 24 M€ HT