Cergy Les Hauts de Cergy

Street side, the building falls within the visual continuity of the neighboring building project, in terms of height and recessed top floors. Facing a middle school and an unobstructed view towards the Albatros roundabout, the building’s volumes take on a more noticeable height and verticality.

The facade’s significant linearity is strongly sequenced. It offers, to passersby, the perception of a succession of small distinct buildings, via their decorative elements and color as well as the shape and the sizes of their openings.

Then the building changes into an open facade, with decorative elements inherited from the variety of positions offered.

Garden side, the facades, at the block’s center, benefit from orientations favoring the most sunlight possible. Views on to the garden are largely open and offer essential balconies and loggias.

Maître d’ouvrage : COGEDIM

Architecte :  Babel | Michel Seban & Associés

Mission : Complète

Programme  : 70 logements BBC en accession

4 600 m² HON | 7, 25 M € HT